2015 Transcendentie en Inscriptie: Derrida en de hubris van de metafysica (E. Evink, 2002) Role: Translation (NL>EN); expected 2015 SUNY Press

2010 The Face of Terror: Analyzing the enemy image in contra-terrorism training programs (Renée Frissen: Forum, Utrecht). Role: redactie.

2008 Thinking Art – Antoon van den Braembussche (Springer Verlag, 2009) Role: translation and editing.

2008 “From Heaven to Earth” – article and photostory with Wenche Gerhardsen, on the repurposing of churches in Amsterdam. In: Simulacrum: Urban Transformations. Role: co-author

2007 “Living Lies: Nietzsche on Moral Vampirism” In: Simulacrum Idolen

2007 “Cyberkurds and Cyberkinetics: Pilgrimage in the Age of Virtual Mobility”